5 Simple tricks to escape from the pain of the shoe!

5 Simple tricks to escape from the pain of the shoe!

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Wake up in the morning and be prepared for the new day.
Wear your chosen dress one night before, make your hair and hair and just keep on wearing the new shoes you just bought. But just take a few steps, feel a gas tightening from behind.

We know, this is one of those painful situations you would never want to try any more when you have to walk for a long time.

You can put a sleeve, maybe more than one, but you will feel pain again.

Living introduces you to some interesting tricks you had never ever thought of before:

1. Take your shoes one night before with baby’s pouches.

2.Switch the neck of your boots, sandals, or anti-roller stiletto shoe.

3. Leave the feet with moisturizing creams or whatever.

4. Put slices of potato chips in newly-made athletes, leave them all night and the next day will not rub your feet or even wear your shoes.

5. Take a little alcohol and spray the inside of the shoe, then dress with a kitchen paper and leave in a refrigerator / freezer (inside a sealed bag) for 3-5 hours. The next day you can easily wear your new shoes and you will forget the pain of your fingertips and the foot of a night before.

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