Advanced Immune Defense

Advanced Immune Defense

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We recently shared the exciting news that a pilot clinical study
of IMMUNE+++ and Laminine® was published by the American
College of Nutrition (ACN). Furthermore, the results were
presented at the peer reviewed American College of Nutrition
57th Annual Conference in San Diego, California on November
10, 2016. This article gives an in-depth look at the extensive
study, which is also available for download here.
The breakthrough study was undertaken to determine what
happened to White Blood Cell (WBC) counts when IMMUNE+++
and Laminine were consumed together by volunteer subjects
over a 12-week period.

Immune cells are categorized as total White Blood Cells and they
contain three subsets of cells: B Cells, which make antibodies to
fi ght infections; T Cells, which send messages to activate other
immune cells; and Natural Killer Cells (NK), which kill and
deactivate virally infected cells. One important fact about White
Blood Cells is their short lifespan. They only live fi ve to 12 days
before needing to be replaced. Among the WBCs, neutrophils
are the most abundant and arrive to the site of injury or infection
as the “fi rst responders.” They have an average life span of about
24 hours (ranging an average of eight hours to about three days).

We produce about 40-50 billion of these “first responders” per
day to maintain our ability to fi ght infection. At the other end of the
longevity spectrum are “memory B Cells” and “memory T Cells,”
which often persist for years. These cells are what you generate
after an infection or vaccination that make it much easier to fi ght
the same pathogen (virus or bacterium) if you become infected
later on in life.
Other than the short-lived neutrophils and long-life of memory
cells, most WBCs have a lifespan of about a month. Your bone
marrow has enough stem cells to last for the rest of your life to
continue making these cells.

A group of subjects took two tablets
daily of IMMUNE+++ for 12 weeks.
The total White Blood Cells were
found to be signifi cantly enhanced
(see graph 1) and the number of T
Cells were enhanced by a highly
signifi cant amount (see graph 2),
indicating the IMMUNE+++ supplement
was supporting the integrity and
production of healthy immune cells
within normal ranges.

It was then of interest to compare the group taking only IMMUNE+++ to the group
taking IMMUNE+++ and Laminine together. The results concluded the group taking
both IMMUNE+++ and Laminine together showed a highly signifi cant change in an
increase in B cells, when compared to the group taking IMMUNE+++ only.
These results indicated that the properties and nutrients in the Laminine supplement
enhanced the IMMUNE+++ ingredients to support further improvement of the B
cells in the subjects taking both supplements.
Synchronistic effects of ingredients have been reported in the scientifi c literature.
When vitamin C is mixed with fruit biofl avonoids it is better absorbed and
bioavailable than vitamin C alone, for instance.
Additional nutrients and bio-factors in the fertilized avian egg extract—along
with the additional protein sources—may be supplying needed amino acids and
other factors for the immune cells to reproduce optimally. Supporting the immune
system by helping boost the production of White Blood Cells, B Cells and T Cells
is a positive outcome of taking IMMUNE+++ and Laminine. And now we have
proof that these two unique formulas are working together to enhance immune functions in the body.
The LifePharm IMMUNE+++ supplement contains science-based ingredients of three traditional mushrooms, fi ve red fruits high in
antioxidants, biofl avonoids and polyphenols, along with 500 mg of a unique vitamin C blend bound to lipid carriers, which makes the
formula more bioavailable. The advantages of increased bioavailability means this form of vitamin C stays in the bloodstream longer than
other typical vitamin C forms found in other products.
IMMUNE+++ is rich in red and orange fruit berries that contain the plant components found to be benefi cial for supporting anti-infl ammation
in the body. The mushrooms in the supplement also contain an array of components found to be directly supportive to immune cell activity
and anti-infl ammatory properties. In conclusion, this study showed that the ingredients and nutrients found in IMMUNE+++ and Laminine
are an outstanding immune support formula when taken together.

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