Calories can be spent without exercises!

Calories can be spent without exercises!

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This does not mean letting go of the gym but tells you that small exercises can improve your health.

When the following activities become daily, you are okay with yourself.

Start from now

Make fit out of awareness

Climb the stairs

Use the escalator for good

Get up, stand and walk

Harassing game with friends

Walk or go bicycle to work

Do some secret exercises

Spend more time with your kids

Become active during lunch

Get active in housework

Exercise your feet while brushing your teeth

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Here’s a fast-paced variation of a stretching routine used in many Ashtanga classes:

  1. Stand with feet together and arms by sides. Inhale as you reach arms up overhead until palms touch. Look at hands.
  2. Exhale to Forward Bend, knees slightly bent and hands to feet.
  3. Inhale as you bend left knee and extend right leg back to a lunge. Keep hands on either side of your feet.
  4. Exhale and bring left leg in line with right, keeping head, torso and legs in one line for Plank pose.
  5. Lower legs and torso to floor, then raise head, neck and shoulders into a long Cobra pose.
  6. Push onto hands and feet, lifting hips to the sky to form an upside-down V. This is Downward-Facing Dog.
  7. Return to Cobra pose.
  8. Bring right foot up and lunge, keeping left leg straight behind you.
  9. Bring left foot up to meet right and return to Forward Bend.
  10. Inhale; sweep your arms out and up.
  11. Exhale and come back into the first standing posture, also known as Mountain pose. Repeat, moving quickly but without sacrificing your form or breathing.

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