Cocktail with fruit to lose a few kilograms!

Cocktail with fruit to lose a few kilograms!

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Kiwi, apple and lemon cocktail is a great vitamin C drink and good for weakening effects. You will soon feel relieved by weight, with a flat stomach and a toned body.

Effects on the weight loss of this cocktail come due to its three main ingredients, which are the “champions” of melting fat, lowering the abdomen and body toning: kiwi, apple and lemon.
Kiwi contains vitamins C, twice the quantity found in one of the richest fruits of it: orange juice! The great presence of vitamin C and lemon and apple make this extraordinary drink for weight loss and great health values ​​in the body, Living writes.

In addition to the increased presence of vitamin C, the kiwi contains vitamin A, E, K, vegetable fiber, copper, potassium, magnesium and manganese. It has excellent properties to remove toxins, fight respiratory tract diseases, especially in children, prevent heart disease, anticancer, dilute blood, regenerate the skin (especially when used as a mask), strengthen the immune system, and so on. Even lemon does not lag behind in terms of health values.

It combats toxins, is antimicrobial, improves liver activity, reduces cholesterol, prevents heart disease, cures the flu, combats infections, cures rheumatism, strengthens tooth gums, and so on.

5 grain stones
1 tsp of coffee with powdered caraway
2 apple grains
1 tuft clasp
2 grains of lemon
Preparation: Squeeze the lemons and all the ingredients should be thrown into the mixer. Then dilute the solution by adding 1 liter of water.
Use: this drink is recommended daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also, you can drink a glass even before you sleep.

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