Here’s how to convince children to eat more vegetables!

Here’s how to convince children to eat more vegetables!

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“Finish the dish and leave nothing in it,” and “You can not eat the chocolates without completing the salad,” are two of the most common ‘orders’ that parents tell their children.

Normally, it is worth noting that not all children are the same – there are kids who prefer sweet potatoes and broccoli than other foods.

But if you have children who always refuse to eat healthy foods like vegetables, then experts have found the solution for you!

Persist until you reach the goal!
Experts say you have to try 15 times to persuade a child to accept a new meal. Normally it will take a long time and will overdo food for several days, but that’s true.

So, you just need to serve the vegetable dishes, allow them to see you while you eat them, remove the pressure you make, and eventually see that they will also taste the food.

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