How long should the baby wear a cotton hat?

How long should the baby wear a cotton hat?

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Newborn babies in maternity midwives put on cotton head caps, which often carry them even after leaving maternity. Here’s what the pediatrician says – how long should this “mode” be carried.
While babies are in the womb, they live in a warm, wet and wrapped environment (in the womb), so when they are born they may be cold. Because of this, the midwives immediately after the birth put the cotton hat on the head. However, when your baby comes out of maternity she is not obliged to wear the hat all the time, except in the winter season if your home is fresh.

Healthy babies born on time are not forced to carry their hat when they go home, “says HuardRainshtajn, a California pediatrician and spokesman for the American Pediatric Academy.

However, if you think your baby looks beautiful with a hat, you can freely go head to head until it feels good. If it looks worried you get tired of feeling warm, remove the hat so you can be sure if the problem is the chapel.

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