How much sugar does the sour drink you consume?

How much sugar does the sour drink you consume?

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It is thought that the sour empowers the immune system, helps in weight loss and strengthens the bones.
Those who like cosine are warned that what is called a healthy meso is actually a “hidden dessert”. And here we talk about elaborated yogurt, with different flavors.

New studies have revealed that some products hide as much sugar as ice cream.

Analysis of about 200 yogurt types processed with different flavors, roughly half of them contain three teaspoons of sugar per 100 grams.

Dietology Alison McAlisee says sour is nourishing, a rich calcium rich, but some of them are processed with lots of sugar and cream.

But, according to her, the worst thing is that these products are promoted as low fat yogurt, diet and natural. It says sour cream contains lactose, which is itself a natural sugar, but concern is added sugar.

Reduced fat in natural and simple fats is better because they have less sugar, fats saturated than tasty varieties.

You can make yourself a tasty yogurt by adding some fresh or frozen fruits, a few cinnamon or some nuts and broken seeds.

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