How to Care for Your Eyes?

How to Care for Your Eyes?

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Fatigue and redness cause such symptoms, such as headache or turbulent eyesight. Eye Exercise is one of the simplest things that very few people do, but that helps tremendously to maintain good eyesight.

Exercise to calm your eyes

1-Close your eyes and relax. Darkness is believed to help strengthen photo receptor cells in your eyes, which helps maintain good viewing

2- Turn your head in circular motion, keeping your eyes straight. Begin right-to-left head movements, then top-down. This exercise also increases blood circulation in your eyes.

3– Close your eyes for three to five seconds, then open. You repeat this seven times because it helps relieve your eye muscles and increase blood circulation to the eyes.

In addition to the exercises, you can look after the same rules. Initially, start by putting some feta of cucumber or potatoes very cold on the eyes. Keep them around 15 minutes and then remove them. Cucumber has cleansing and regenerating properties, helping to calm down skin irritation and especially the eyes. Another method is to place clean and wet cold chamomile nappies that you should put on the eaves. Your eyes may be more unfocused.


The use of sunglasses for protection should begin during childhood. By reducing exposure to solar radiation, it is possible to prevent the damage of ultraviolet light from the eyelids.

Standing in front of the computer

During work in front of the computer, it is good that several times per hour disconnect the eyesight for about a minute. The eyes rotate in the surrounding environment or at least every one hour to rest for 15 minutes.

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