If you see this number printed on fruit do not eat!

If you see this number printed on fruit do not eat!

- in Doctor

When you were young you can have them assembled and glued to every possible kitchen facility or your school books.
You may have a lot of fun on fruit labels, but you probably have not had the idea of ​​what the numbers actually mean.

But, the mystery was discovered by Dr. Frank Lipman. According to him, in these fruit tags there are several different codes and groups of numbers to identify whether the fruit is grown in conventional, organic or genetically modified

If you have an apple and its label contains a four-digit number, such as 4020, then it means that the apple has grown up using stimulants.

Bananas, for example, have all the same code “4011” that show they are grown with stimulants.

But if the fruits you buy on your labels contain five-digit codes starting with number 9, such as “94011,” then you should know that those fruits have grown organically.

Codes are distributed by the International Federation for Standards of Productions, a global organization that places fruit codes that are sold all over the world.

These labels and codes have been used in supermarkets since 1990.

So, next time you buy fruit, check the code on the label to learn how they are grown.

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