It is created medicament 1000 times stronger than the antibiotic!

It is created medicament 1000 times stronger than the antibiotic!

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American scientists have improved an important antibiotic in the hope that the creation of a medicament will end the threat of pathogens resistant to medication.

The new version of “vancomycin” is conceived to be very strong. According to the scientific journal “PNAS”, it will be 1,000 times more potent than the old antibiotic.

The battle against bacteria, this new medication develops in 3 different ways, reducing the likelihood of endurance to its action.

However, the enthusiasm it proclaims should be reduced slightly, as the superantibiotics have not yet been tested on animals, and then humans.

The Scripps Research Institute team hopes that the medicines will be ready for use within 5 years after all the necessary tests have passed.

Experts have warned for long time that the world has entered what they consider to be a “postantibiotic age”, where some infections may become irreversible.

One of the most disturbing pathogens is “enterococci” or “VRE”, which is exactly resistant to “vancomycin”. This bacterium can be found in hospitals and causes blood infections, which, according to the WHO, pose a major risk to human health.

Some antibiotics still work against “VRE”, but 60-year-old “vancomycin” is utterly powerless to it.

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