Laminine Endorsement Video

Laminine Endorsement Video

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Stories of improved health are some of the most effective tools to use when speaking with a family member, friend or prospect. We have an entire library of endorsements on that we update regularly, and now we have a NEW Laminine endorsement video. These endorsement videos showcase the positive benefits of LifePharm products through powerful written and video stories.


The key to a balanced life is good health. At LifePharm, we believe we have discovered the formula for just that. There simply isn’t a comparable dietary supplement anywhere else. Laminine is formulated with a proprietary combination of ingredients that are natural and provide the body with all 22 of the amino acids needed for cellular health: Fertilized Avian Egg Extract, Marine Protein,  Phyto Protein. The secret weapon in the Laminine formula is called Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF). This compound helps the proper stem cells to restore the body’s organs back to their natural state where they function at their best. Found in the human placenta, FGF gradually decreases over time. That’s when we start to see the signs of premature aging and degeneration.

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