Mint and orange help the problems of anorexia

Mint and orange help the problems of anorexia

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Anorexia is a disorder in nutrition, which leads to loss of appetite, and its consequences can be very dangerous.

It is mainly caused by discontent with body weight and the great desire to lose kilograms.

Anorexia is also manifested by bulimia, which is the vomiting of the person who consumes the person in order to lose weight, these problems only come up and the person loses excessive amounts of kilograms so unhealthy that causes great damage to the body .

Anorexia that is characterized by loss of appetite can be overcome with the help of orange juice and can help the body restrain the appetite.

Orange helps stimulate the body to increase appetite. Use fresh orange juice or eat an orange in the morning to have more appetite.

Mint is also very rich in ingredients that help boost the appetite and help the digestive system to protect itself against the injuries caused.

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