Now even official: Left-wingers are more intelligent than right-wingers

Now even official: Left-wingers are more intelligent than right-wingers

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Many rumors exist around left-handed people – that is, to the left-handed persons.
Some studies suggest that left-wingers die younger, some scientists link left-winged men with criminal behavior, and others have suggested that left-wingers consume more alcohol, the Telegraph reports.

While these allegations have been seriously contested and have not been proven at all, there is still a myth that has its weight, and who says left-wingers are wiser than rightists – in fact, the study suggests that left-wingers are much more likely to be find.


FL Science has revised several studies on this issue, while explaining that hand function is a manifestation of brain function, and therefore it is related to cognitive abilities.

So, according to them, left-wingers have the right brain part of the brain, which helps them on various issues.

In addition, researchers, through various experiments, have also concluded that left-wingers are better at solving problems, and consequently they are better in math than right – hands.

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