Physical exercise that guarantees weight loss and body toning

Physical exercise that guarantees weight loss and body toning

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We know that the best physical activity is the one you climb more, however, if you want to guarantee the success of weight loss, the instructor of many famous characters, Kit Rich, suggests just one type of exercise.

“Pilate is exercise no. 1 that you can do throughout your life. It’s absolutely the best physical activity.
This exercise involves different devices, so whatever your injury or any stage of life you are (for example, you are pregnant), there is always an option for you.
That way, Pilate is your best friend, “explains Rich Instructor.

Many well-known characters are fixed behind Pilate.

Miley Cyrus, Pink, Emma Stone have used this exercise to strengthen the muscles and tone the body.

Because Pilate is a kind of workout that can be modified as you please, you can make part of your routine at any stage of life.

Outcome? It will not only make you feel “tied to the body,” but it will also help you lose excess hair and toning the body.

“You will feel very weak, you will be more elastic, abdominal muscles will look fantastic and your back will look more bombastic, without getting tired. Your arms will look more toned. It’s a benefit to the whole body, “Rich says.

Pilates is a kind of gymnastics created 80 years ago by German Joseph Pilates.

And it was the only technique capable of providing the body with a complete workout.

Pilates includes yoga, Greco-Roman fighting, exercises used by circus acrobats, martial arts moves, collected to create a complete, lightweight and controlled program by Joseph Pilates, who named him.

He then took his technique to New York, where he would be used by the dancers, to strengthen the muscles, maintain balance and flexibility without getting tired.

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