Stress Kronis & LamiNine By LifePharm

Stress Kronis & LamiNine By LifePharm

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Health benefits of Laminine , including strength, staminia, focus, improved sleep, increased libido, and sense of wellbeing. These various effects may all be related to the significant reduction of the stress hormone cortisol (by about 50 Percent) after the ingestion of Laminine. Laminine is a form of a natural ‘adaptogen’ helping to create a state of balance or normalization and restoring the body to its natural state of homeostasis. Regular use of Laminine helps to: • Reduce signs of aging • Builds collagen for healthier looking skin • Stimulate natural DHEA to reduce physical and mental stress • Increase physical, mental & emotional strength • Reduce physical and mental stress • Promote more restful sleep • Produce quicker recovery after work out and increased muscle tone • Elevate serotonin levels to raise your mood • Increase alertness, improve stamina and energy • Increase libido • Aid in brain function and activity including focus • Develop on overall sense of better wellbeing.

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