Tell me the color of your eyes, tell you what your character is!

Tell me the color of your eyes, tell you what your character is!

- in Doctor

“The eyes are the mirror of the soul, and the soul is the leader of your life.” At least that is what many psychologists constantly assert.
There are various information about your personality and features based on your handwriting, birth date, or zodiacal sign.


Blue eyes actually have the color of the second most common eye, but they consider themselves the mystical creatures of the human world as the Lord has given them the special power of beauty.

But just because your eyes look like a quiet blue pond where everybody’s soul can find calm, does not mean you’re all loved by them.


Are you a cat or a siren, that does not matter. Everything thought of green eyes is that they are special. Green eyes are the most rare eye color in the world as it owns only 2% of the population. These people are enigmatic. They are the type of people with whom if you’re in bed with them, you will not want to go out for a few days. Their eyes are a botanical garden. Take a “strolling” look in their eyes and you will see that you will lose in them and go out there forever.


Brown eyes are the most common color of the eyes. 55% of people in the world have brown eyes, but that does not mean you are not special. You just are not very special. But this has its own benefits because you have less chance of falling victim to gambling or drinking. You also know how to dress really well.

Eyes written

You will be lucky if you have a written look. You can adjust as a chameleon as you have two colors at the same time so comfortably combined. Be strong and silent just as introverted and extroverted.

Dark brown eyes or black eyes

Dark brown eyes or black wells can hide secrets. These people are more trustworthy than anyone you may have ever met. Their advice comes from experience and do not have time for drama. These people have the ability to stay on their ground with their weapons at any difficult time.

Illuminated eyes (shining)

People with bright eyes (blue, green, brown or gray) are very sensitive to the sun. This magical feature gives them a sensitivity to other people and their emotional pain. These people have a keen eye to understand the sadness of others and are very good listeners.

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