That is why sweat is useful during the summer!

That is why sweat is useful during the summer!

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Sweating is an inconvenience to some people, but according to experts is a natural part of keeping your body healthy and avoidance can cause health problems.
People usually keep on shaking air conditioners so they can heat but do not help their immune system.

“People must walk in parallel with the rules of nature. Wine is the time to sweat. It is a natural process for the body to respond to the external environment, “they explain.

Excessive sweating without replenishing the body with water, electrolytes and healthy salt can be a bad thing, but no sweating may be even worse.

Air conditioning can cause upper respiratory tract infection, cause chills, sore throat, pharyngitis, and even pneumonia.

Sweating is also an important method by which the skin helps to eliminate toxins from the body.

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