That’s why you should eat chocolate regularly!

That’s why you should eat chocolate regularly!

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Good news for those who love chocolates, as a study says regular consumption of chocolate is associated with better brain function.
According to the study, which was published in the Appetite newspaper, chocolate consumption was found to be associated with better performance of cognitive function in the brain.

Researchers looked at the data collected during an earlier study that was held in New York, measuring chocolate taking and risk from cardiovascular disease factors, Gazette Express reports.

The participants underwent a series of tests designed to measure their cognitive function. The researchers found that chocolate consumption was associated with a better test performance.

Researchers suggest that regular consumption of chocolate helps protect against the decline in cognitive function in the brain, which is related to age.

You might are already know that chocolate can mimic feelings of being in love. Now there’s one more reason to celebrate chocolate — it’s actually really good for you. Myriad scientific studies conclude that chocolate is beneficial for your health, which is why you should eat chocolate every day. This is science I can get behind. And, isn’t it nice to know that something you already love is actually good for you, too? A study published in the journal Frontier in Nutrition found that cocoa flavonoids — present in chocolate — are beneficial to your brain, specifically memory, attention, and cognition.

Studies suggest that a regular intake of flavonoids present in cocoa could be associated with improved cognitive function, decreased risk of dementia, and cognitive decline, lower prevalence of cognitive impairment, better cognitive evolution over a 10-year period, and better dose-dependent cognitive performance in normal aging, Frontier in Nutrition reported.

While you likely don’t need to worry about cognitive decline for decades, proactively doing things to keep your brain strong and engaged can decrease your chances of suffering from these impairments when you get older. “Cocoa flavanols long-term intake could effectively improve cognition trough increased neural efficiency,” the study noted.

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