The History Of Laminine

The History Of Laminine

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The fertilized avian egg is full of essential, unique nutrients that cannot be obtained from another source. The first attempts to extract this nutritional bomb began in 1929. A Canadian doctor was the first researcher to succeed, thus establishing the beginning of the Laminine supplement tradition.

A fertilized avian egg contains all of the nutrients that the chick needs to survive and grow. High quality proteins are just one part of the formula.

The extraction method consisted of getting the essential nutrients out of the egg and freeze-drying the result.

Dr. John Ralston Davidson was the first medical professional to wonder about the health benefits of the nutrients found in the fertilized avian egg. He even believed these nutrients could be incorporated in the treatment of cancer. Dr. Davidson died in 1943, which is when his research was lost.

Researchers started showing interest in the benefits of fertilized avian eggs
50 years later. The extraction and freeze-drying techniques were re-invented. Under the leadership of Dr. Bjonde Eskeland, researchers figured out that the fertilized avian egg contained much more than high quality proteins. Thus, they came up with a theory about a wide array of health benefits stemming from the consumption of these unique, high quality nutrients, vitamins and microelements.

The researchers started extracting the nutrients from partially incubated avian eggs, nine days after the fertilization. It is easy to understand why these contain so many nutrients – the eggs have to provide the chick with everything necessary to sustain life and promote growth. Vitamins, proteins, minerals, growth factors and biological defence factors are all contained in the fertilized egg.



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