These symptoms indicate iron deficiency in the body!

These symptoms indicate iron deficiency in the body!

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Always follow the signs your body sends. These are the most common symptoms of iron deficiency in the body.

Continuous fatigue and shortness of breath

If you start to breathe quickly during your daily activities such as walking, chores or exercises, it is possible that your body lacks iron.

Our bodies use iron to produce hemoglobin, which is found in red blood cells that contribute to oxygen transmission. Lack of oxygen in the blood leads to a feeling of constant fatigue.

Poor concentration

If you notice that your concentration is weak and difficult to perform all the daily tasks you could easily do, it is possible that the problem lies in the reduced iron values ​​in the body.


One of the possible symptoms of iron deficiency may be apathy and depression. If you notice changes in humor and emotions, and if you do not have the will to do things that normally satisfy you, you definitely need to do a blood test.

Pale skin

Pale skin can be a reduced iron indicator. Skin fading is caused by poor blood circulation and a reduced number of red blood cells.

Less energy and poor condition

Lack of iron reduces the physical ability and endurance of the body. If you exercise regularly, you will notice that your physical activity becomes very troublesome.

Muscle pain

If after a long walk or exercise you feel strong muscle pain and have not done anything else you do, maybe your body is saying it lacks iron. Such a situation slows down muscle recovery.

Brittle nails

When the nails are not as strong as before or washed easily, it is the right time to do a blood test, because it is possible to have iron deficiency in the body.

Common ailments

If you spend all winter cold and with different infections and often suffer from respiratory illness, the reason for this may be iron deficiency.

The color of the urine

If during urination you notice that the color of the urine is quite different, immediately make a term for the doctor. When the body lacks iron, the urine becomes pink or even red.

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