Can the previously prepared meals be raised?

Can the previously prepared meals be raised?

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If you have a habit to prepare food after preparation, you should consider what you can and what you should never ring because some foods lose their properties nutrients and their substances while others become toxic in this Way.
The many engagements and the quick way of life are the reason why we prepare food for a few days before, but there are foods that should not be heated later

Roasted red meat should not be reared because during thermal treatment it changes the structure in a form that does not respond to our body. In fact, when protein from the flesh is raised later, they change the composition, making it very difficult to digest into the body, and besides problems with digestion, the flesh may become toxic.

Like red meat, even in poultry meat comes the difference in protein composition that can cause digestive problems. Chicken and turkey meat should only eat cold, without heat, especially chicken meat, which contains more protein than red meat. But if you need to ring chicken, let it be at a weaker temperature and longer heat.

Potato is food that everyone loves to eat, in different combinations, but in no way should be restored. Potatoes, in fact, because of the ringing, lose nutritional properties, and even become toxic. Potato is the most healthy cooked and should be eaten immediately after preparation or even cold – in that case it contains the highest percentage of resistant amide known to the feeling of satiety and having a probiotic effect.

Eggs should not be restocked because they become toxic due to exposure to high temperature. However, this is not about foods where eggs are scrambled, for example in sausages, but only for boiled or fried eggs, such as musaka. Mushrooms should be eaten immediately after preparation, or cold, but they should not be raised again.

The same goes for soups and chicken pilaf, which are made with mushrooms. If you need to turn it on, be gentle warming up to 70 degrees.

Spinach, red beet, celery and carrots contain nitrates which, due to the action of microorganisms and heat, pass into nitrites and then nitrosamines, which are very harmful and carcinogenic to humans. Spinach is the most dangerous in this group and you should always eat it just after preparation or the next day. Spinach should not ring because it is delicious and cool. Celery, which is often used for soups, should be removed after cooking, together with the carrots, and eaten immediately after preparation. They also contain nitrates.

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