Did you know that migraines can be cured by wireless?

Did you know that migraines can be cured by wireless?

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A wireless device controlled by a smartphone can soon help people fight one of the most annoying pathologies : migraine.

Hi-Tech, according to experts, is able to reduce the pain without the need for medication.

This conclusion comes after an experiment run by David Yarnitsky, a researcher at the Medical Faculty in Haifa (Israel), transmits tch.

It is published in the famous neurological magazine “Neurology” and has been circulating in international media for several days.

The device was tested in dozens of patients suffering from migraines and who had not used any drug for at least two months before undergoing the experiment, envisioning volunteers to place the digital device around the arm as soon as pain began and to hold it At least 20 minutes.

The positive results of the experiment open new doors for medicine that for years try to solve the migraine problem without using medications which, as is known, may have side effects after a long time.

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