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Recently experts repeatedly warn us of the importance of a healthy diet because many studies have shown that proper selection and preparation of food products can protect us from many diseases.

So food has become not only a source of energy but also a cure. All of us will know how does the lemon affects to the health because of a large amount of vitamin C and has recently that has been scientifically proven just like the healing power of garlic, potatoes, bananas and even oats. Food as medicine, things you didn’t know.

Good Food Great Medicine

  • Lemon Prevents Thrombosis


Did you know that lemon purifies the blood and speeds up its circulation? Acids and other bioactive substances that contains the lemon stimulate circulation. It is recommended to drink fresh lemon juice with a little water (60 ml) at least 5 hours before the long plane flight.


  • Garlic Against Insect Bites


First aid when you get bitten by an insect: massage the site of the sting with fresh garlic whose juice has antiseptic power, disinfects the skin, reduces swelling and relieves pain.

  • Garlic Helps With Headaches

When you’re preparing potatoes to add olive oil and garlic. It contains salicylic acid, which has a similar effect to aspirin.

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  • Honey Reduces Cough


There are several types of honey, but the forest honey is rich in resin and essential oils. Helps against a sore throat, bronchitis and respiratory diseases. The same effect has the wild honey. Meadow honey facilitates a cough and is recommended to put a spoon of honey in your tea.


  • Stuffy Nose? – Use Salt


Salt helps when you have problems with your nose, and also doesn’t make damage to the mucous membrane. Put a spoonful of salt in warm water and put few drops of the liquid in the nose. Salt is good for inhalation. So in one liter of water put a handful of salt. Put a towel over your head, bend over the bowl and inhale.


  • Against Stomach Acid With Oats Cells


Oats contain a lot of cellulose, and when it’s mixed with water in the stomach creates a protective coating that protects the sensitive and irritated mucous membrane, so that alleviates the difficulties caused by indigestion and acidity. So eating oat bread and oat flakes are important for a healthy stomach.


  • With Vinegar Against Temperature


To reduce high body temperature is ideal lining with vinegar. Mix vinegar and water in ratio 3: 1 and then the mixture soak the linings and put them on your body or in this solution soak your socks and dress them. The temperature will quickly fall.


  • Bananas Help With Leg Cramps


Leg cramps occur primarily due to poor circulation or because of long-standing lack of magnesium. They occur usually to the pregnant women, people under stress and those who are fed monotonous and unhealthy. You should eat 2-3 bananas a day as 100 grams of bananas contain 36 milligrams of magnesium – 10% of the daily requirement of the body.


  • Potato Soothes Stomach Pains


And also back pain or various inflammations. Bring the potatoes and make them mashed. Place mixture as a coating on the places where you feel pain.


  • Reduce Cholesterol With Apple


Not only you will get the necessary fiber, to ensure the body fluid, thoroughly clean teeth and help to keep your waist slim, but in this way, you will lower the level of bad cholesterol.

So what you have in the kitchen (salt, vinegar, and honey) may be the basis for your own home pharmacy. When you bother a cough or cold, and you don’t have anything at hand: reach for food as medicine because then you shouldn’t be afraid of counter effects.

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