Healthy Strawberry Banana Ice Cream with in 5 Minutes

Healthy Strawberry Banana Ice Cream with in 5 Minutes

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3 large bananas,
4 cups strawberries

Place strawberries in a bowl or measuring cup, add bananas and strawberry mixture to the blender and blend until they reach the perfect consistency.

When your ice cream stops moving in the blender, you will want to stop and scrape down the pitcher of the blender and stir a few times.

About 2-3 minutes total blending time. Your frozen fruit may separate into tiny frozen chunks before it becomes a fabulous creamy consistency, so be patient.

Serve and enjoy! You can also transfer to a freezer safe container and allow ice cream to firm up in the freezer for 2 to 3 hours.

*NOTE:  There are no preservatives in your ice cream, so it will freeze solid.  Simply remove from freezer 10 minutes before serving to allow to soften slightly.  It freezes and keeps beautifully!

Watch the video as the recipe is shown  step by step :

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