Honey and Lemon to tackle the problems is the learning!

Honey and Lemon to tackle the problems is the learning!

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The positive effects of honey for the skin are already known. Not only hydrates the skin and capillary fibers at the cellular level, but honey also calms sensitive skins.
Thanks to its antioxidant action as well as cleanses the skin and regenerates the surface cells.

In the long run, honey prevents premature aging of the skin.

Lemon contains cleansing enzyme and citric acid helps in skin whitening and pores reduction.

While essential oil from his skin has antiseptic, regenerative and antibacterial properties. Below you will read three magic mask masks that treat the 3 most common facial problems.

1. Treats acne

Antibacterial ingredients of lime penetrate deep into the skin to eliminate dirt from the pores. Combined with a little honey, known for antiseptic properties, acne will disappear within a short time.

This mask prevents the development of bacteria responsible for the release of the puckers.

HopingHealth recommends that you put a little honey in half a lemon and with this you brush your face several times a week.

Lemon also acts as an exfoliant by removing dead skin cells.

2. Fights hyperpigmentation

Lemons are also known for their whitening skills.

What you need to do is apply a little lemon juice with a cotton in that skin area where melanin is more focused.

Try this treatment twice a day for 10 to 15 minutes

3. Reduces streak marks

Lemons are a popular method for treating stripping marks due to alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and vitamin C. The latter helps in the production of collagen! Just wash the skin with lemon juice and the stripe will fade.

Note: This method applies when strings are in pink, so they are just being created. Because white streaks are more difficult to handle.

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