How to keep the mosquitoes away from you?

How to keep the mosquitoes away from you?

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High summer temperatures add to the presence of mosquitoes, which are extremely annoying.

To better protect these insects it is recommended planting some plants in the yard:

– Lavender – Its juice can not withstand other mosquitoes and insects.

– Garlic – Mosquitoes leave the garlic smell, so throw some garlic around the area outside where you stand.

-Basil – Thanks to his wind, mosquitoes will stay away from you and the best way to get rid of these annoying insects is to keep it near the balcony.

Mosquitoes are pretty crappy flyers and they can’t fly in wind gusts that are over 10 miles per hour. You can accomplish this by setting your fan on the highest setting and relaxing in front of it.

Plus, fans don’t just create a windstorm that mosquitoes can’t enter – they also cool your body temperature and dissipate the carbon dioxide you exhale, making it harder for mosquitoes to find you in the first place.

Oh, and if you feel like mosquito evasion isn’t enough – you can easily set up a simple mosquito fan trap by covering your fan with insect netting – it’s a low tech trap that sucks in unfortunate mosquitoes and captures them in the net.

It might just be the soap factor that keeps the mosquitoes away, but it does the trick…and you’ll have a yard full of whimsical bubbles.

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