How to talk to your child about terrorist attacks!?

How to talk to your child about terrorist attacks!?

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The level of terrorist threat has increased.
Even in the UK, after the cruelty of the explosion that took place in Manchester, the situation is being criticized as there are likely to be other attacks that may be inevitable.

But explaining such risks to young people can be challenging, as parents try to avoid them, to frighten children as they are informed.

Andrea Danese, a psychiatrist at the royal college in London, says that children can respond to these events with emotional symptoms, with physical behavior.

It is not uncommon for children to become frightened or irritated by such a thing, or to worry about the same thing. According to her, to talk to children about terrorism, there must be a way, as it may develop headaches and stomach pain.

But if you practice this way to show your children about terrorist attacks, they can afford it more easily.
Let them be open to communication.
Let them do things that feel more comfort, let’s talk what they feel.

Make sure they do not think it’s the children’s fault for these terrorist incidents.
Make sure your child does not harass someone else.

However, if you tell something to your child, warn the child school staff that he may have encountered in some cases that may lead to terrorist attacks.

To best support their child, parents need to look after their well-being and seek professional advice if necessary.

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