Mobile phones are hurting your eyesight!

Mobile phones are hurting your eyesight!

- in Doctor

Wise handsets are hurting people’s eyesight, causing eye size increase, more than they should, says one of theologians.
Today there are more people who can not see it than a decade ago, according to Andrew Bastawrous, who believes that the time we spend in front of screens has a share of guilt.

Severe myopia can lead to eye conditions, including glaucoma and retinal detachment.

“Eye growth tends to slow down at the end of adolescence and then stop. But what we see in today’s population is that he does not continue to stop. It looks like it’s ongoing, and this phenomenon happens all over the world, but more in Asia, “says Bastawrous.

Myopia causes opacity, causing the light of distant objects to fall into the retina, making the appearance unclear.

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