Most important friends than family!!!

Most important friends than family!!!

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Strong family and friendships are always seen as a source of happiness, but, according to a new study, friends may be more important than the family itself.
Researchers at the State University of Michigan have discovered that the more people grow, the more important it is for friendship and its impact on health and happiness. “Friends become even more important as we grow,” says William Chopik, assistant psychology professor at the University of Michigan.

“Being surrounded by little good friends can have a great impact on our health and well-being. It is good to invest in friendships that make us happy, “says the professor.

According to VOA, researchers came to the conclusion after observing 271,000 participants in the health and happiness study, as well as approximately 7,500 other participants in the study of the role of human relationships in adults suffering from chronic illness.

In the first group, both the family and the friends had their influence on overall health and well-being, but in the second group, friendships “resulted as a major factor for good health and happiness in the big ages.”

Also, in the second group, scholars said tense friendships led to chronic illness, and when these friendships are strong, people are happier. One of the reasons why this happens, according to Chopik, is that relationships with friends are a choice. We can maintain friendships that make us feel good and abandon those that stress us, at a time when the family is not something that you choose and although often it is very good, there are often times when it causes negative energy.

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