The old Chinese recipe that helps with cholesterol!

The old Chinese recipe that helps with cholesterol!

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The Chinese have used the recipe you will find below for many years now and is considered to be one of the most successful alternative medicine recipes in China.

This recipe has an effect on normalizing blood cholesterol levels and improves heart function.

It is also very easy to prepare at home and is completely natural without any side effects on the body.


1 liter of filtered water

3 organic medium sized lemons

36 garlic cloves


Rub the garland and cut it into large pieces.

Then clean the lemons and put them in water with a little baking soda or known as baking soda in the water.

Let them stand for one hour, then remove lemons from the water and cut them into pieces.

At the same time, rinse the amount of water and then add the pre-cut lime and garlic particles to the hot water.

Then put it back into the heat again and let it run low, but do not let it boil.

After boiling for 15 minutes, remove from the basket. After a few minutes, put this juice in the freezer and let it stand all night.

Drain the juice in the morning and consume 50 ml of this juice three times a day before meals.

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