The reasons why tomatoes do not taste like before are discovered!

The reasons why tomatoes do not taste like before are discovered!

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Cultivation of tomatoes for commercial purposes in recent decades has led to the gradual loss of its particular taste, while scientists have already confirmed that this has not happened by chance.

An international team of experts has studied about 400 varieties of tomatoes, from modern to old, to determine what is happening to the world’s best known greens.

They found that decades of extensive cultivation of tomato crops led to the loss of 13 chemicals that affect their particular taste.

Scientists have found specific genetic changes that led to it.

Experts say that seed producers can easily come to the previous state so that tomatoes in supermarkets will be delicious again with the application of the cross-breeding technique.

The process will be similar to natural plating, only to be carried out in laboratories. Scientists will mix modern tomato varieties with old varieties and share plants that are closer to what they want.

After several generations, the result would be a more palatable tomato, done without controversial intervention in the genes.

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