This aromatic plant preserves the heart and liver!

This aromatic plant preserves the heart and liver!

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Although often confused with parsley, it is a completely different vegetable and has a number of beneficial properties.

The word is for a two-year plant rich in essential oils, minerals, fiber and vitamins such as B, C and E. Pasternak is one of the best sources of potassium and protects the heart, lung, liver and kidney health.

Pasternak is a good diuretic and accelerates the removal of water from the body.

It has a positive effect on blood pressure, blood vessels, stomach pains, fever and digestive problems.

You can use it all – from roots to leaves. Mostly the root is used, which is added to boiled soups and dishes in the same way as carrots, while the leaves can be used just like the parsley leaves.

Keep in a refrigerator in a plastic bag from which you previously removed the air.

Medicinal plants are globally valuable sources of herbal products, and they are disappearing at a high speed.

This article reviews global trends, developments, and prospects for the strategies and methodologies concerning the conservation and sustainable use of medicinal plant resources to provide a reliable reference for the conservation and sustainable use of medicinal plants.

We emphasized that both conservation strategies (e.g. in situ and ex-situ conservation and cultivation practices) and resource management.

Should be adequately taken into account for the sustainable use of medicinal plant resources.

We recommend that biotechnical approaches (e.g. tissue culture, micropropagation, synthetic seed technology, and molecular marker-based approaches) should be applied to improve yield and modify the potency of medicinal plants.

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