Useful Tips: How to clean the computer keyboard

Useful Tips: How to clean the computer keyboard

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It’s the season of the year when viruses spread and when you try to protect yourself from all possible bacteria, so maybe it’s time to clear your keyboard.
Sounds unbelievable, but in most cases on the computer keyboard, more harmful bacteria can be found than in the toilet bowl, the Telegraph reports.

Research conducted by microbiologist PeterWilson has shown how the office equipment in itself conceals many bacteria, so 33 of the keyboards in which the tests were made and from which the samples were taken, were found to be four times more dangerous For health, while one of them had fivefold more bacteria than the toilet gavel.

Following are some tips on how to clean the keyboard and the mouse:

1. Do not spend money on special computer fasolettes, enough to clean your computer with alcohol and soft cotton cloth,

2. Turn the keypad back on, shake the chips and the dust that are inserted between the keys or you can use the dust absorber.

3. If using the optical mouse, remove the impurities from the optical sensor and wipe it with alcohol.

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